Launching a magazine!


In January of this year, my masters cohort was split into three groups and told to “launch” a new magazine. It had to have both print and digital components, and it had to be financially viable after three years. Just so you know, the latter is virtually impossible. Publishing in general has razor slim margins, magazine publishing even more so. Our numbers were, of necessity, very optimistic.

Early on in this magazine project, one of my teammates and I started talking about the Maker movement and the culture of repurposing, and how we would be interested in creating a magazine that served that community, but with more of an arts and culture focus. We decided to call the magazine “Repurposed.” Though we couldn’t focus on it while we were working on the other “magazine” for our project, we did start a secret Pinterest board, a Dropbox folder, and shared folder in Google docs to throw our inspiration in.

The magazine project was a very interesting experience. Every week, industry specialists came in to discuss our magazine ideas with us and, even though our project piece didn’t correspond very closely with Repurposed, we were still able to draw some awesome feedback from the panelists that we met that impacted our decision-making going into this project.

The end of the magazine project marked the beginning of the tech project. We were able to split into smaller groups and work on tech specific projects, drawing from our experiences in the magazine project. My friend and I requested and received permission to build Repurposed. And so it began.

Repurposed will be an online magazine committed to discovering and showcasing art forms that create something beautiful out of existing materials; literature and art that addresses the spectre of waste culture through repurposing, be it physical gadgets or more thematic ephemera. We want this magazine to exist as a native of the digital medium, with an annual print issue that will use some of the digital content but also exist as an artifact of it’s own, with added print production value and some exclusive content.

We have just launched our Facebook page. We are still coding the website (but I’ll link you out to it anyway, because there will be something there soon, and Reclaim Hosting is a great service, especially for students). It’s quite the process, as we want it to operate responsively across screens and systems. We are also on Twitter and Tumblr. We will be putting up a call for submissions across our web platforms within the next day or two. Maybe I should have waited to tell you about it until then. I don’t know.

I’m really excited, guys!




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