What I want the Cloud to be that it isn’t


I want the Cloud to be a magical pocket of air that your can put your stuff in so you don’t have to carry it. Get to work on that, people who do shit like this because I want a goddamn pocket in the air that I can put my stuff in. I’m tired of carrying things around with me like a chump.

I want the Cloud to have a name that isn’t vaguely creepy. I don’t know what it is about “the Cloud” that just seems so ominous to me. Maybe because I grew up the Pacific Northwest. Clouds block the sun. They rain and snow on everyone. So many things I would have done, but clouds got in my way.

Gotta love Joni Mitchell.

I want to feel confident that the Cloud will actually store my stuff, and that it’s still mine when I put it in the Cloud. And while I’ve had lots of long conversations about how no one really owns anything, especially not ideas, it feels like … I don’t know. Keeping a family heirloom in a purse made of Kleenex.

Now I’m going to go and attempt to make a purse out of Kleenex, because I’m intrigued by the possibility.




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