Day 1: The madness begins


Today was the first day of NaNoWriMo. I meant to involve myself in @FriNightWrites’ marathon last night, but I was late to the party and it felt like cheating to count things towards my NaNoWriMo word count before it was November in my time zone. So I decided to go to bed early so that I could get a fresh start this morning.

Instead I read Rick Riordan’s House of Hades until 1 am. (I finished it. I liked it.)

Then I slept like the dead until 6 am, when I got up to go to school.

A lot of writers seem to write in the morning, and advise others to write in the morning. Some even suggest getting up an hour earlier to write. And I have something to say to that.


I am not and have never been a morning person. It’s rare for me to say more than ten words in the first hour of being awake. It takes me at least half-an-hour to wake up completely. Less than that and it’s much harder for me to handle the life choices that people make every day.

Like turning left from the rightmost lane, or wearing tights as pants.

I write at night. A writer friend of mine says that when you write at night, you’re setting a limit to how long you can write because rather than the day being ahead of your, it’s behind you. You can only stay up so long.

You don’t know how long I can stay up, writer friend. And in my experience there is nothing quite like passing into a coma-like sleep in front of your computer and dreaming about your story for the four or so hours you have before you have to get up to go to school.

It does make the morning after something akin to waking up hungover at a friends house after a big party: you’re mouth tastes funny because you didn’t remember to brush your teeth, your back feels weird, you can’t remember everything that happened the night before.

Which makes the morning a perfect time for me to edit, actually. When I don’t remember which parts I liked and which ones I didn’t like.

Oh, anyway. First day was good. Met my writing goals for the day. Wore a blonde wig to a project presentation for grad school (when you’re not particularly religious, November 1st is just Cheap Wig Day). Played with my dog.

I’m content, man.

It is now officially Day 2 of Nanowrimo.

I don’t think daily updates are something that I could sustain. Silly to think I could.

I also don’t want to flood this site with NaNo stuff constanly.

I think I’ll just update about NaNo on a week to week basis.

Unless something really awesome happens.


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